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About IAT

IAT Ingolstadt Armaturen is a brand of specialised water safety valves which were originally developed in Ingolstadt, Germany in the 1960's for the prevention of contamination of potable water by industrial, commercial or domestic activities. These products are manufactured to BS EN 1717, a water safety standard which became UK regulation in January 2002.

Crane Building Services & Utilities acquired the IAT business to help meet new EU quality water standards in both UK & German markets.

In the UK these valves (consisting of types known as RPZ and pipe interrupters) have been sold under our NABIC brand since 1999. They were one of the first products in this sector in the UK to be approved by the Water Research Council (WRc) to meet the EN 1717 standard.

All IAT Pipe Interrupters are approved for use in potable water systems by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW).