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IAT is a well known, leading brand of valves for potable water installation. All IAT products have well developed technologies and are manufactured to the highest standards. IAT offers professional solutions and an extensive range of products from domestic use to bespoke industrial applications.

Pipe Interrupters (Rohrunterbrecher)

Pipe interrupters are safety devices designed to protect potable water systems.

The function of a pipe interrupter is to prevent the backflow of non-potable water in potable water systems by automatic ventilation of the system and elimination of the vacuum. This is only achieved if after the pipe interrupter no shut-off devices are installed in direction of flow. Pipe interrupters are only flushed when water is flowing.

IAT pipe interrupters conform to the requirements of EN1717 they are suitable for working pressures up up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 60°C.

Pipe Interrupter Type A1/DC

The Fig.2565 is classified as a DC type suitable for protecting up to fluid category 5 fluids which are determinded as follows:

DIN 1988, part 4: Health hazardous due to germs carrying infectious diseases (contamination, dangerous to life). Examples: salmonella, hepatitis viruses

DIN EN 1717: Fluids that cause health hazards to human beings due to the presence of microbial or viral pathogens of transmittable diseases.

They incorporate ventilation ports that are totally unrestricted and permanent, water is guided past these air vents using a venturi type nozzle. Since they are
constantly open to atmosphere this stops siphonage and allows the escape of water in theevent of backflow.

Typical areas of application are medical cleaning and disinfection systems, bath tub taps below the top level of the tub in hospitals and care homes, medical toilets and urinals, bacteriological laboratories, chemical dosing machines, fish tanks, meat and fish processing machines.

Pipe Interrupter Type A2/DB

The Fig.2561 is classified as a DB type suitable for protecting up to fluid category 4 which are determined as follows:

DIN 1988, part 4: Health hazardous due to poisonous, very poisonous, carcinogenic or radioactive substances (dangerous to life). Poisonous and very poisonous are substances whose acute or chronic toxicity in a rat is when taken orally of LD 50 ≤ 200 mg per kg body weight or when inhaled LC 50 ≤ 2 mg per litre of air in 4 hours.

DIN EN 1717: Fluids that cause health hazards for human beings due to the presence of one or more toxic or especially toxic substances or of one or more radioactive, teratogenic or carcinogenic substances. The delimitation between category 3 and category 4 is LD50 = 200 mg/kg body weight acc. to EU-document 93/21 EEC of 27 April 1993.

They have a moving element which seals the ventilation gaps during normal flow conditions. When negative pressures occur on the inlet side which could cause siphonage, the membrane retracts seals the flow ports and simultaneously vents the outlet side of the pipe interrupter.

Typical areas of application are industrial dish washing machines, chemical dosing units, desinfection dosing units, reverse osmosis, high pressure cleaners, laboratories, galvanic baths and many more

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